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About Blitz Merch

Blitz Merch Mackie

People have been selling Blitz merchandise for years and I've never really minded,
but I thought if anyone's selling Blitz merch it should be me.

I've licensed some designs to Mainstage Merch, 
RebellionShop (in the U.S.)  and Crash The Pose, 

and those designs will continue to be sold.

Everything on this site features the original artwork 
that I designed all those years ago,
but there may be some new designs if anyone shows interest.

If you'd like to license any of my artwork for your own merchandise,
please get in touch via the Contact page

You can also get in touch if you have any suggestions or requests for designs. Mackie.

...and... I'm still making music with Epic Problem,
check us out on Facebook and Youtube